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After putting off my hearing issues for a few years, I finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Lewandowski. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The exam was thorough and efficient. He fit me with the correct aids (which you cannot see when you look at me) and offered excellent payment plan options! My quality of life at work, at home, watching tv and being out with friends has greatly improved. I did not realize how much I was missing nor did I realize how loud my own voice had become (plus my husband is happier living with me now)!

-Elizabeth F.


Like many people with hearing issues, I dreaded the thought of wearing hearing aids until I visited Dr. Lewandowski in Kittery, ME last week. I found him to be very professional, I immediately relaxed. I had my hearing eval. I was in need! He fitted me to hearing aids. I was surprised to find them so comfortable. He spent time having me practice with self application and learning proper care. He answered my questions. He followed up in 7 days to see if I had any problems. I am very happy I made the big decision. Thank you Dr. Lewandowski.

-Kathleen C.


I’ve been greatly relieved and pleased to experience a continuing quality of care epitomized by Marti Andrews Audiology. With Marti’s untimely passing, I wondered, “what now?” I need not have wondered. I am now receiving the same quality of care…the same degree of expertise. I heartily endorse and welcome Samantha Lewandowski and her staff to our community.

-Shirley B.R.


Hearing loss often occurs over a long period of time, as is my case. It took years for my family to convince me that it was my hearing and not their mumbling responsible for our constant miscommunication. I had heard of Marti Andrews Audiology through friends and relatives. Before making an appointment, I considered other practices but ultimately felt Marti Andrews to be a cut above the others. It turned out to be the right choice. The staff is wicked friendly, and Dr. Samantha Lewandowski could not be more professional during the evaluation, the fitting and the follow up visits. She answered all my questions with patience. We practiced installing, adjusting, cleaning and replacing batteries and filters before I left her office. The service doesn’t stop there. I’ll be back in a few months for a follow up visit to ensure everything is going according to plan. Thank you MAA!

-Joseph B.


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